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Hey There.

 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!


Jack is lying down looking up, jungle all around. When his eyes open there is confusion in them followed by the coming to. He stands gives himself a quick once over and then runs out toward the beach. As the camera pans you realize that what was once a quiet pristine paradise, is now the scene of a plane crash. Chaos abounds.

Jack leaps into action bringing order and leadership, assigning jobs, saving lives.  

This scene from the pilot of one of my favorite shows, Lost.

I have often thought of this opening when I am awakened by my kids. Leaping into action from a frantic place. All the needs of the day are coming at me and I have barely found my footing. 

I'm no Jack. While he is offering calm and order. I melt into the chaos and become just another survivor or I begin attempting to bring order with bark rather than rally cry, encouragement, and gentle nudging. 

To succeed, I need to be alone first, to prepare myself with the simple solitary routines of morning. 

Waking first allows me to be aware of the 'plane's' trajectory before it comes crashing in. I don't want to ride that plane. I'm already on the beach below.  Rather than letting it shatter my clam, I usher it in slowly to landing from a clam peaceful place. I am prepared and looking forward to serving the passengers. 

Plainly, I need to be up before my kids. Alone time is a need for me. I need to prepare myself for people time. 

This doesn't always work. There have been seasons of nursing infants, sickness, deadlines, and any number of other crazy making times. Times when leaning into the chaos was all I could do on whatever scraps of sleep I could piece together. 

In the ebb and flow, I circle back to the way that works for me. The way that is most peaceful to my soul. I rise before the sun in solitude or with my husband. As little feet begin to pitter patter down the stairs (or come crashing), they curl beside me and finish waking to a mom who is ready (on the inside) to greet them. (Lord, help me someday figure out how to get ready on the outside too!)

Like many others, I pick a word or phrase to launch a year. This year, the word for me is, Ready. 

Last year my word was Dwell. I focused a lot on just being. I took the pressure off and let go of a few things. 

I look forward to seeing what this year will mean. How will I think of the word, 'Ready' this time next year? Will I feel any more prepared? and for what?

Anyone else pick a word or phrase for the year ahead. 



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