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Amish Scooter

Amish Scooter

I've been wanting a scooter for some time. My guys bike or scooter to school most days and are now much faster than I am on foot. I tried biking along side them a few times but then I was on the street while they were on the sidewalk and I was much faster than them. Trying to keep an eye on them and the road proved to be a little clumsy and potentially dangerous for me. So I got it in my mind that I wanted a scooter.  It's slower and closer to the kids. It's easier to pop on and off of when they need me. Also I love dresses. You can scooter in a dress, yes you can. Ask the Amish. 

This weekend Ryan pulled up a scooter on Craigslist fore sale in our town and showed it to me as a joke. My heart jumped when I saw it. It's exactly the shade of tourqousity robin's egg mint that shows up all over my life, just look at my Instagram. It has a basket. I really love a basket, just ask my husband. I had never seen such a scooter. I looked up the maker to find it’s an Amish scooter handmade in Lancaster County. To know me is to know I am fascinated by the Amish. Tis a gift to be simple and such. Ryan unknowingly showed me my scooter being sold second hand in my own town. Secondhand is my other favorite, ask our local thrift store. 

He was shocked at how I latched on to that particular and unique scooter. Later when he took me to test ride it, he saw what I saw. It was exactly me. Seeing me cruise up and down the seller’s street he saw how there really couldn't be a better scooter match made. He opted for no reason at all, other than to be generous, to pay a little more for the scooter than was asked. Just to see the seller smile the way his wife was now smiling. 

The next morning is Monday and rain is dumping down. I was so looking forward to riding to school with my boys. They are at an age when mom on any scooter is awesome. My mom scooters, what does yours do? In the afternoon, the rain gives and we scooter together. They collect things in my basket and ring my little warning bell too many times. 

Tuesday there is no rain. I scooter my boys off to school. I pass by a group of big kids. When they are just behind me I hear, "What the.....Bruh, look what just rolled up."

I smile. I know it's me. I just rolled up. Ryan and I laugh about it later. Laugh hard. I guess in the later side of my thirties I am more interested in what fits me rather than what fits in. 

I was never very good at fitting in. I know that. The problem was I cared. In the fifth grade I would have been mortified to ride the scooter of my choice today, even if I did like it. I just wanted to blend. 

No ill-fitting anything for me please or for you either. A bright Amish scooter is a joy to me but would be all wrong for someone else. Can you look at me and smile knowing you might not ever want an Amish scooter? I'm smiling your way too. 




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