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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!



I’m no athlete. It’s not my thing however, as a child I dabbled in basketball. And by dabbled I mean I was the only girl on a team called The Jazz for one season in the YMCA league.

I never made a single shot in a game the entire season. That’s probably because I never took a single shot and that’s likely do to the fact that I never touched the ball.

During practice the coach would praise the team’s offensive ability but rail against their weak defensive game pointing out angrily that I was their best defensive player. That was his favorite motivational speech.

I do realize that coach was not complimenting me, rather using me to make the boys feel bad about their performance. Allow me to translate, he was saying to the boys, “You play worse than a girl.” I happened to be the girl standing there, defensively of course.  

This was meant to be motivating for the boys. However, since all I heard was that I was better than the boys at something, I was unintentionally motivated as well. I would get right in their faces and wave my arms all kinds of crazy. I made it hard for them to pivot and get a good shot or pass around me. Or maybe I just freaked them out with my girl-ness . No matter, I was their best defensive player, after all.

Some people like to choose a word for the new year. It’s a thing. You don’t have to. I like to but I don’t force it. I don’t have to either. Anyway, I have a word this year. Pivot.

My husband is an optimist by nature. I’m an optimist too, but by choice. When I’m rattled, it takes time for my feelings to catch up with my choice to be optimistic.

In episode 4 of my podcast, Things Teachers know, I explain how when we once found a for sale sign in the front yard of our rental, the dishes still needed to be done. So very true. Dishes don’t do themselves y’all.

When changes come my way, it's like my foot lifts and I begin spinning. When I put my foot back down to stop, I am dizzy and confused about the new path. I’m no ballerina but that’s not a pivot that’s a poorly executed pirouette. I’m not an athlete or a dancer.

Pivot, a slight twist around a fixed axis.  

Did I mention I started a podcast? Starting a podcast is a pivot for me. New medium, big learning curve. I’m seeing a new way through. Sunlight is warming the new path. Optimism is doing it’s work. 

 It’s March 5th (my launch day!) and I am 5 episodes in with subscribers, star ratings, and reviews!

I guess I make a podcast like a girl. 😘

If you want to listen along, please subscribe in iTunes, leave a star rating, and review. It’s the most generous way to support the podcast aside from sharing it. Could you share it too? Extra credit!

Are you able to do that? Only if you’re actually enjoying it. No pressure if it’s not your thing. I only played basketball the one season leaving a girl shaped hole in the 4th grade Jazz defense. Hey, it wasn’t my thing. Do you.





A flourishing life is one of a student continuously looking to broaden their education even and especially outside the classroom. A teacher is an extra set of eyes. 

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