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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!



There are those that would say that a Kindergarten graduation is a little silly. Too many graduations steal the thunder of a real graduation, like a high school graduation. Apparently, there are high school seniors yawning through there graduation ceremony, board to tears because, didn't they already do this when they were 5ish? (No, no there aren't...just fyi.) Some would like to say, let's just call it a promotion instead. Promotion? Yep. Mind blown. It's not a graduation. Nope it's a promotion. All has changed. (Sarcasm)

Can we just digress for one hot second and talk about sarcasm? It's my native tongue...apparently. When I have an emotion, I start speaking in sarcasm. I have seen TV shows where a nonnative English speaking women gets emotional and starts speaking in the language of her heart. No one has a problem with it, but they don't understand her words during that time. They do understand her emotions.

Same is true when I fly off into sarcasm. My hubby mostly gets me but not as clearly as when I just say things straight. The kids don't get it hardly at all. They do understand my emotion, however. The language of my heart can be biting. I am working on it. I love sarcasm, however, I love my kiddos more. I might mean my words as banter but I don't mean to batter. I'm working on making gentle my native tongue.  I'm not saying I want to loose my sarcasm just use it more appropriately, with someone who gets it and can take it. Also someone who can dish it back without getting sent to time out. Alas, I digress... Let's just say I have been having some emotions with all the milestones rolling around me. I have to keep checking the sarcasm. 

I personally like a Kinder graduation. Really any occasion to celebrate cuteness, I'm for it. 

Here's something you might not realize: (Please note, I'm writing in my whisper voice right now.) Shhhh....Kindergarten isn't a required grade level (at least not in California). 

This was harsh knowledge to have when I had a rough teaching day. I could get kind of ecclesiastic on a day like that. 

"Everything is meaningless," says the Teacher, "completely meaningless!" Ecclesiastes 1:2 

Any teacher ever felt that way? Heads are nodding and K teachers are raising their hands. 

My hubby, as principal down at our school, gave the commencement address for the fifth graders as they promoted to middle school. My nephew (to whom we are guardian), was among those fifth graders. Ryan explained to them that commencement can mean end but it also means beginning. It's the end of elementary school but the beginning of middle school. 

I got to look over his speech ahead of time and added a little bit about how much we love Daniel and are so proud of him. It was mushy and exactly perfect how I wrote it. Hubster tampered it right down up there. He told me later that D would be humiliated if he said what I wrote in front of the whole school. 

Later, at dinner, Ryan read for Daniel what I wanted Ryan to say in his speech. D thanked Ryan for not saying those words in front of all of everyone ever.

D looked over at me like I was a loose cannon. 

I am a loose cannon folks.

My first born son graduated Kindergarten, the non grade level. The preparation grade, the stage for elementary has been set. He will be in the 1st grade so very shortly. I'm so proud of the little man he is becoming. Before handing out the diplomas the teacher told what the kids loved about school and wanted to be when they grew up. Riley said he wanted to be a solider. I may or may not have choked on my own spit when I heard that. Ryan and I were both shocked to hear that. I'm starting to learn what I have always know, the dreams I have for my kids may not be the dreams they have for themselves. Wow. He is heading off toward being his own person. I like getting to know that person. That person is full of surprises, apparently. 

Riley caught wind of the older kids signing yearbooks and kids writing down their numbers to KIT (keep in touch). He wanted to get in on the action, I guess. He told his friends his number. He doesn't know my phone number so what number could he possibly mean? He told anyone who would listen the code to my iPad. 

My nephew, Daniel, who has lived in my home since the 2nd grade, is leaving elementary. He is an amazing kid and I just want to tell the whole wide world. I want to brag on him and say all the things out loud. Apparently that's frowned upon by middle school boys. You don't squeeze them and say certain things in front of their friends or in public ever. I'm learning. I told Daniel that I may accidentally embarrass him someday. He said I may have already embarrassed him. The future has arrived. I do love that guy. 

As for Neveah, there isn't much fan fare surrounding the end of 7th grade. However, she is currently at leadership camp and is going into 8th grade as co-president of her middle school. She is the most courageous girl I know. I try to tell her how proud I am but she doesn't get it. She is one of those amazing creatures that walk around totally oblivious to it. Gorgeous inside and out, that girl. Smart and ambitious. Kind and generous. Vote for Nevaeh, she knows the way!

And how about that principal guy? Well, I am just so mushy, gushy proud. He has received so much positive feed back but I am expressly forbidden to write it all out. He has worked so hard and accomplished much. Well done, babe! I believe in you!  The uniqueness of my kids getting to have daddy as principal isn't lost on me. It's a privilege to walk my kids to school and know I am leaving them under the leadership of someone who wants all the things for them that I do, who loves them as I do. I can't help but smile. It was a great year!

Well that's how we ended school year 2015/2016!

Thanks for reading!



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