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Drawing Curtains

Drawing Curtains

If there was any hope of a post lunch quiet time today, it would be with the living room curtains drawn. After lunch Tyler curled up on the couch and was out before I could send him up to bed. (Yes, Tyler(4) still naps. He is wise beyond his years and my blessings are many.) Rio, as per his usual, and despite the unusual location, was curled up beside his Tyler to nap.

As soon as the sun begins to peak through the curtains each morning I pull them open and that's how they stay until the sky begins to darken.

Not so today. Poor Rio could find no rest curled on the couch with Tyler. His view was of our backyard fence and every creature that might dare cross the ridge of it. He was compelled to bark and growl at each one. For a backyard of artificial turf, we sure attract our share of wildlife, including the opossum pictured above.

 Just as he would resettle, a bird or squirrel or cat would appear. They seemed to be taking turns jostling Rio's psyche, waiting until he had just calmed before making their next appearance. 

It goes with out saying that barking during nap time is, well, frowned upon, to say the least. 

For the sake of Rio's mental state and mine, the curtains were then drawn. Thankfully, Tyler slept though Rio's spastic episodes and said episodes subsided when the curtain blocked his view. 

Rio curled in the same place to snuggle in. The creatures walked the same ridge.  However, there was quiet and peace now that they were off Rio's radar.

I have recently taken to deleting all social media off of my phone unless it's a time when I would choose to be on it. It's so easy to just reinstall it when I would choose to use it. I noticed that it was capturing my attention when I didn't want it to be. 

There was mindless scrolling, except was it really mindless? Something I would see on my phone could cause me to feel angry/annoyed/sad/confused/discontent/ ect. Not always, or even most of the time. There is a lot of good. But when I did look up from it not feeling great, those feelings would then get dragged along into my real, tangible, right in front of me world. I felt somewhat mismatched, off. 

I drew the curtain on my phone so I could better choose my focus, just as I drew the curtain for Rio so he could hone in on napping.

I'm so glad to have 2 large windows to the backyard against my back wall. From nearly all of my downstairs living space inducing my kitchen, I can see the entire backyard. The convenience of that with so many kids running in and out is not lost on me. The conveniece of having a small powerful window to the world right on the palm of my hand isn't either. Occasionally, windows need the covering of curtains. 

I've found that in those waiting moments when I would normally allow myself to scroll, I can catch a few pages of a book, check in with a loved one, or be more alert to the world and people directly around me.  When I do, and I obviously do, return to social media, it is with more intention and purpose. I might miss a few things but I am making up for it with other things and there is value in that for me. 

Thanks for reading.



*I read 12 books in 2016 and have a goal of 24 for 2017.*

I am keeping a running book list. I have no interest in rating or endorsing these books on here but feel free to ask me about them if you are curious. It's just a list of fact. Fact being I finished the book. I only finish books if I want to, so take from that what you will.  Below, I'll also include what I am currently reading with no promise of ever finishing. 

Books Read in 2017:

1. Hope Heals by Catherine Wolf

2. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

3. Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life by Emily P. Freeman

4. In the Shadow of Lakecrest by Elizabeth Blackwell

5. Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

Currently Reading:

The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life by Ann Voskamp

This is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live by Melody Warrnick

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

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