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Is Now a Good Time?

Is Now a Good Time?

It is such a polite question. Recognizing the precious resource that time is and not wanting to squander someone else's. It an honoring question. I need some of your time but I don't want to take it when the cost is too high for you. Now may not be a good time. 

I need to ask myself this more. 

I glance at my phone : Is now a good time?

I need to bring some correction to a child who's just bounded in the door ready to spill the, and I quote, "Best.News.Ever.": Is now a good time? 

We need to talk about it but he is so sleepy.: Is now a good time?

I want to return that text/email but my emotional response to the news is still fresh.: Is now a good time? 

If I'm seriously wondering if right now is a good time, it's likely not.  

It's not a good time. So when? That's the next question. Make a plan for when to circle back. Pay yourself and your loved ones the same kindness  you'd offer an acquaintance.        

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