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Ball-K-Nose and Other Wonders

Ball-K-Nose and Other Wonders

We were playing a trivia game via a podcast that Ryan downloaded ahead of our trip. Participation was optional but electronics weren't an option for the duration of the game. We had a great turn out in game time interest.

In the excitement and needed distraction of the game, we missed the direction of GPS and circled one side of Mount Shasta rather than passing by it.  Since we were getting the extended tour of Shasta, Ryan suggested we read off some facts about the snowy beauty we were witnessing through our bug splattered windshield. The most latched onto fact being, it's a potentially active volcano.

Every peak in view since has been heartily dubbed a ball-k-nose by Z.  

Of course, not every peak is a volcano. Not every peak has the potential within that Mount Shasta does. 

We arrived in Bend, Or without stopping for lunch at Crater Lake as planned. Tyler was sick THE WHOLE WAY. We made a few stops to let me hold him laid out in the camper. All he he wanted was to be held by his mama. When he'd stop looking so peaked we'd get back on the road. 

Despite a less than ideal ride, no one blew their top. No one, except Beauty, our camper. A skylight broke off on the trip. We could look up into clear blue sky from inside. Clear blue, until a thunderstorm blew in.

I wonder at duct tape that can hold out the rain. 

Today we will wonder at lava river caves.

I wonder at calm in storms, red skies, and Ball-K-Nose that are only potentially active; the ones inside and the ones that tower above us.  



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