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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!

I'm not a Crafty Mom but Here's a Link to a Simple PlayDough Recipe

I'm not a Crafty Mom but Here's a Link to a Simple PlayDough Recipe

If you want to get snuggled up and read together, I'm here for that. If you want fluffy blankets and a movie, also here. I'll make chocolate chip cookies, and you can help or sample, either and both.

I'll go to your baseball games, open my mouth and press play on all the sports words I know on a repetitive loop. I've got plenty of side eye for any umpire who calls it wrong (or right) at your expense but I won't yell anything inappropriate (on purpose).

I'll offer to kiss your whole face everyday but not at school drop off.

If you need a celebratory dinner or a cheer up dinner, count on me. If chips and dip need to be involved, I'll make sure they are so involved. Are we talking guac, salsa, queso, spinach, artichoke, bean? Clue me in on the dip situation. Are we leaning toward nachos? I've been preparing for this all my life. Give me a sign. 

Let's talk popcorn. YES. Homemade. Melted butter. You can measure my love in grains of salt. Countless!

Let's talk paint on construction paper. Stop hurting me.
Let's talk donuts. Obviously.
Let's talk glue.....Let's circle back to breakfast food and camp there. That's where I feel safe. Come to expect chocolate chip pancakes, I won't let you down. Eggs. Bacon. I can do all the things. Speaking of camping. Camping...Easy, yes. Glitter...Hard, no. 

Disney musicals, I know all the lyrics. I can frost a cupcake. Tacos...every Tuesday. I won't fail you. 

Come downstairs in the morning to find me reading and sipping coffee. Kick Rio out of my lap and snuggle in close. I'll whisper the truth about you in your ear. You are my treasure.

Get yourself in trouble, I've got a lecture for that, I'm sure. But I'd rather hear you tell me all about it until you come to a change of heart on your own. The lecture is in my back pocket. Let me know what you need. I've lived longer. I've seen things. I'll hear you.

Listen, I'm all for making stuff. It just needs to be practical or useful. Want to make candles to add to the snuggly atmosphere? Ok then.

Want to paint a toilet paper roll. Out. Want to stuff a toilet paper roll with dryer lint to use as a campfire starter. In.   

We all have to walk our own way on this Earth. I know you thought you were getting a mom who was once a kindergarten teacher. I know you assumed that meant I was crafty. Let me let you in on a secret. I LOVE classroom settings. I will prep them happily. I'll invite paint, glitter, and glue to the party. Pick your poison. I'll lay it all out in the most practical and efficient way. I will then empower a parent volunteer to get his/her craft time on with the students while I do something quite else. You have so much to look forward to child, so school.   

I'll lay out our home expressly for comfort. Cozy is a high value. Invite your friends. I'm here for hospitality.  

We opened up a box of Halloween decorations and out spilled little crafts I had done with Riley when he was just my lone little guy. Tyler held each one and asked who made it. Riley. All Riley and mommy. I didn't really know who I was in those days. I thought that to be a 'good mom' that's what I needed to do. 

Riley remembers doing not one of said crafts and isn't particularly interested in any. 

Tyler goes to the school library the next day and checks out a book on Halloween crafts for kids. He presents it to me as an invitation. 

I'm not a crafty mom. I've already learned this about myself. But for this sweet boy I'll craft something useless into being. The product will be all manor of ridiculous.  

This time I'll craft because it matters to my little man, not because I'm trying to be that ideal mom who lives in my imagination.  

I'll craft because the time spent will matter to him. It will be my loving choice.   

It probably won't happen often. I know what things make me happy in life and motherhood. I'll double down on those the most but I accept the invitation and challenge to craft for the love of a five year old boy.  

Can we make homemade playdough together in moody fall colors? Is that an option?

I can handle that. It's right up my alley. Favorite recipe here. It's almost like cooking and then you play with it over and over. Ok, let's do that.

We'll also get at least one keepsake crafty thing packed into the Halloween box so when it reappears next year, you are reminded of just how dear you are to me. Win, win. 



Simple PlayDough Recipe as promised. 

Thanks for reading.

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