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You should know the repairman rarely fixes anything the first time over if you aren’t the homeowner, at least in my experience. They look at the problem and then report back to the landlord. Then at some point they reschedule with you for the actual repair or they forget about you until you nudge again.

I took on a part time job and the kids are in after school sports and something had to give. I bought a few items at Costco that I never buy. Items that make my children squeal with delight. Things meant for the microwave. I planned meals that would make happy leftovers. Microwavable leftovers. The microwave didn’t want to enter this season with us. He lights up, but offers no heat.

Our microwave needs replacing.

My son asked how we would survive. I guess the future is looking grim.

I told the landlord that the microwave needs replacing. It’s a built in, the type that is also the hood for the stove.

He said he would send a repairman. I knew that this was bad news. As I mentioned, the microwave needs REPLACING.

Repairman says it’s the magnetron. That’s serious. The microwave needs to be replaced.

Does it, Jim? Really? Good to know. Glad I scheduled a day at home for you to tell us what google already knew in her heart or at least off the top of her head. We agree that google is a female, right?

Magnetron. Don’t try and confuse me with your 80’s sci-fi references. I’ve been drinking coldish coffee for weeks now, Jim. And looks like I am looking at a few more.

This season in our home feels fast and slow at the same time. I want to speed everything up to match the pace we are trying to move at but I can’t. I want to zap food. Instead it warms slowly and evenly in the oven or on the stove. I want to take a sip of coffee and run off then warm it up and sip it again. Instead I linger with it longer.

This is what repairing costs. Time. It’s slow. It’s messy. The come undone, needs to be put back together. Dust gets shifted and scattered. There is an amount of time needed and when rushed, more problems happen. I see you broiler (ovens can’t be used as microwaves because that equals fire, guys). Lessons learned.

Some days, so many, many days I’d just rather take care of it all myself. I could be so much more efficient. But repairs in renting, are repairs in the context of a community. My needs aren’t the only needs on the table. We have to wait. We don’t get it all how and when we want it.

Right now, we warm slowly and evenly and let repair happen.



No Pomp and Circumstance

No Pomp and Circumstance