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Mom, Of the Stay at Home Variety or...Humiliation by Stroller

Today starts my first day as a stay at home mom. I am very fortunate to have had my mom stay with me for the first 3 weeks of my son's life and my husband for the next 3weeks. They were able to spend quality time with the little man and I had all the support I needed to get well and enjoy my new born baby. Today marks the beginning of baby and mommy. I was so fortunate to have them around to help me. This point became very clear as I arrived at my doctor's appointment today. I arrived early to make sure that I didn't feel hurried. This was my first solo errand, baby in tow. My amature disposition became abundantly obvious as I tried to get the stroller open. See I did arrive early, very early. I smirked at myself looking at the clock as I pulled into my highly coveted parking spot. I was SO early. The wisdom of my punctuality became so clear to me as my stroller defied all reasonable unfolding efforts.

I flashed back to the day I chose the stroller at Babies R Us. I specifically remember thinking how light it was and how EASY it was to open. No more. My husband and mom never required me to handle the likes of a stroller while recovering. Crippled now by kindness, cars who would have loved the parking spot that I then possessed are stopping to see if I plan on using the spot for more than an exercise in stroller humiliation. Panic starts to set in as sweat starts on my forehead. I am not too proud to admit a tear came to my eye. I began to think I am not cut out for this. I have been humbled, leveled by the might of a baby pusher.

It is then that I see a little latch. A little chameleon latch blending into the stroller jungle. Why, why is it not red or yellow or labeled? Why isn't it screaming, "new mom who has never ventured into the world alone or had to lift a finger to open your own stroller, here I am. I am the latch that will release you. Call me freedom latch."? No. It mocks me hiding behind it's ever so matching color. Alas, I found this latch. I made it to the doctor and didn't fail on my first day as mom all by myself. Phew!

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