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He Toddles Now

No turning back. My little man toddles away from me clearly following and quite impressed by his own shadow. It isn't until his tiny feet catch on each other and he is landed on his bum, that he even looks back for me. I usually am right behind him but this time I am curious to see how far he will go without me, a long way apparently. When he looks back with his hand lifted for help, he is clearly shocked by the distance between us. You can almost see the wheels turning behind his baby blues as he breaks into a little smile. He is impressed by his own ability. Once he is down he can't get back up without something to pull up on, but he can go a long way all on his own. This discovery prompted a lot of walking today. I took him to the pool and did he swim? No. He walked around it and around it and around it, testing the power behind those chubby little thighs. He often walks with his hands raised above his head for balance but even those arms are getting lower and lower as he gets more stable. What happened to that squishy little blob boy I used to cuddle and kiss? He is looking decidedly more and more kid than baby. Now he kisses and cuddles back. He is generous with the kisses and it is heart meltingly sweet but I do miss my baby. But what can I do, he loves growing up? As much as I am excited to see what he will do next I wish he would slow down.

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