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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!



We bookended this first week of school with two important days. School started last Monday, the day after Riley's 6th birthday and the following Saturday, Zachary's 2nd birthday. Somewhere in between everyone went up in grade level.

All that mile marking can make my emotions run a little hot, too hot. Hot can crack. Just this week I had a favorite plate sitting on the stove and meaning to turn on another burner, I turned on the burner beneath my plate. It cracked with a loud pop.

I'm sensitive to all this growing up my kids like to do. I need time to cool like Zachary's birthday cupcakes. Right when those golden cupcakes emerge from the oven, part of me wants to immediately smother them with the rich chocolate frosting that's waiting for them. If I do, the frosting will ruin and the cupcakes will be a dripping mess. Cooling is a must.

Cooling is a must for me too when milestones swirl around me. Everything felt fast this week. So many reasons to celebrate, but no sooner was I sinking my teeth into birthday cake then I was enjoying cookies for the end of the first week of school. We celebrated it all but I felt jostled, unable to really savor. It was for this very reason that each celebration was small, family centered.

We will take off together at the end of the month for a camping trip in honor of it all but especially my birthday guys. That's how we cool and gel together. It's our frosting. 

And as for me, kindness toward myself in noting how it all makes me feel, my sensitivity there. Pauses. Times for quiet and reflection. Slowing. Cooling so I can enjoy the frosting.   

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