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Favorite App for Grocery Shopping. Or, Alternative Title: How I Nerded Up My New iPhone


Here's what I believe about iPhones, they were made by nerds for nerds. If you aren't a nerd but you own one, that my friend is because some nerds are also expert marketers. Also, nerds make cool things. Period. This Valentine's Day Ryan gave me an iPhone. I was shocked. We weren't supposed to spend money. My guy has a knack for getting free stuff and generally I benefit from from his talent. What can I say, I married well.

He knew I would love it. I didn't even know I wanted it. I loved my old phone and when it broke I had to special order a new one just like it because it wasn't made anymore. Both he and the phone guy tried to get me to upgrade then. They were both right, I do love it.

Perhaps Ryan thought it would add a few cool points to my status to retire my old and very outdated phone. That's why when I told him I wanted to wear my new iPhone on a lanyard around my neck, he must have realized his plan had woefully backfired. "You want to do what? Wear it? I don't think that's a thing." "I know! I thought I invented something too! But I checked and it is a thing. Cool, huh?" "You're hot, babe." He didn't actually say I was hot right then; I could just tell.

The lanyard is still being acquired but let me explain why I feel I need one and perhaps give you some insight into how I nerdify universally necessary activities like grocery shopping.

Prior to becoming the proud owner of an iPhone, I had a grocery list that I typed, saved, and printed. It was arranged according to the aisles of the store. I had it up on my fridge and I would just highlight as needed. Read more about the olden dork days here. A picture of my old list is above.

Now, I have an app for that (teehee, snort). I tried several grocery list apps and found that GrocerySmart most closely resembles my method of grocery list making.

Here is why I like it: 1. It has preloaded items and the ability to create your own. 2. The items are categorized by aisle. You can adjust that to fit your store. You can also arrange how you want the aisles to appear on your list. Hint: you want that to match your store so you can easily go in order from one end of the store to the other. 3. You can check things off as you go but they don't erase. Since I buy a lot of the same things, I like that they are stored for a future trip. 4. I shop at more than one store and it can hold multiple lists. 5. It's free

Here is what it is missing: A cost calculator. I used to write the cost of each item on my list to estimate a total. It is kind of a game for me to see how close I can get to my estimate at the register. Does this mean game over? I will send the app makers my nerdly feedback.

It has some features I don't use like linking to my rewards cards and backing up lists online. Lists can also be shared. I haven't tried that but can see how it would be useful.

So, why the lanyard? I want to carry my list while pushing a cart of two kids and picking out groceries. Obvious, right? I don't want to break my newest accessory. And my husband thinks he doesn't know how to buy jewelry? Thanks for my new Valentine's Day necklace, babe.

What app do you like for grocery shopping? Is there a better one? I don't mind paying... a little.

Check out my new case below. I usually don't do souvenirs but I recently had so much fun at Disneyland that I wanted to take a little piece home. I am currently working on a post about it, so more to come.

I was worried that once I got home and the Disney magic wore off I would regret the new case. No buyer's remorse here. Now that Mickey tattoo on the other hand...


Thanks for reading.


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