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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!

10 Minutes

10 Minutes

10 minutes to the minute is how long our wheels turned before brakes and hazards were applied as to help Tyler deal with the expelled contents of his stomach.

And it was only 10 minutes from then that some rumblings of boredom and discontent were expressed. 

10 minutes is how long my brain allows rest between badgering queries as to whether I forgot this and so or that and what.  Weeks are long to leave a home, even with a tiny one in tow, and a mind can be an interrogator to rival a child whose never known hunger (truly) questioning the timing of a next 10 minutes.

10 minutes is how much time it takes to begin recalibrating plans for a future trip.  

10 minutes is the doze before a new need arises. 

10 minutes is long enough to breathe irritation down and exhale apologies up. 

In 10 minutes a mind's eye can change focus and in that same time a smile can replace exasperation on lips. I file this under 'good ol' days' in only 10 minutes. 



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