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A Life with More Margin

A Life with More Margin


As I take time to reflect on what I want for the new year (2016), space comes to mind. By that I don't necessarily mean square footage. Although there are times my day dreams head that way. Then I remind myself that when my hubby and I first got married, we lived in a very tiny apartment with one itty bitty bathroom that you had to walk through our bedroom to get to. In those days a detailed cleaning of our entire living space happened very easily and quickly. I was in a rush to get out of that space and into something bigger, seemingly better. Now I miss our first little space and even appreciate it more. Even now I fall into the same trap. I keep looking ahead to what is coming next in our family's future with anticipation and hope. We have set some lofty and exciting goals for our family this year and I long for them to be here already.  I am ok with that. It's great to have a dreams, goals, future hopes, but am reminding myself to enjoy the here and now. Dig in right where I am. Live right here in this space and time (all while being excited about the future).

So what do I mean by wanting space for the new year? In 2016 I won't be expanding to capacity in every area. Pictures are prettier framed. The boarder of space adds to the beauty. By expanding my space in the new year, I actually mean shrinking and framing. For example, to have more space in my garage, we will be getting rid of somethings, reorganizing, and making careful decisions about what can take up space there in the future. 'Shrinking and framing,' to create space. The idea is to create more space (margin) by using what I already have better.

3 Areas:

1.Home: Every cabinet doesn't need to be filled. Every wall doesn't need a picture. Every surface doesn't need to house something. When someone walks in to your home, they want to know where to drop their things. They want to know what space you have for them. Where should they sit? If all the space in your home is already in use, it can be uncomfortable.

Goals for the home:

  • Clutter free
  • Clear surfaces
  • Unused space
  • Limits and homes for possessions

2.Finance: Many people spend every dollar that comes in and acquire some credit card debt every month. All the financial space available, doesn't need to be filled. Consumer ability isn't a mandate. We currently have zero debt and although it can be really hard we absolutely save. Maybe someday we will get to own a home, it would be our hope to get out from under a mortgage as quickly as possible.   Living frugally and simply may sound limiting but for us it feels like freedom, space.

Goals for money:

  • Live below means
  • Save aggressively
  • Budget
  • The ability to be generous
  • Frugality

3.Time: Every moment doesn't need to be filled, scheduled. A day filled with time sensitive deadlines and appointments is bound to crumble, especially with little ones trying to keep pace. Life and people don't tend to fit squarely into the time boxes we have slotted for them. We do have to make appointments and hit deadlines but we can leave margin. We don't have to accept every request on our time. With margin in schedules we can say yes to the unexpected.

Goals for Time

  • Rhythm and Routine over Rigid Schedule
  • Downtime
  • Space for Yes
  • Saying No

So that's how I aim to continue toward my goal of a life with more margin in 2016. I have some more 'resolutiony' type goals as well but as a general way of walking through life with more margin, these are my thoughts. Enjoy!


Thanks for reading.



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