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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!

Under Our Roof

Under Our Roof


Here is a quick journaling exercise I like to use to create a quick memory of what it is like to live in our home at this moment. Under Our Roof We....

  • Get back into our pjs as soon as possible
  • Wear robes
  • Have chores
  • Love movie nights
  • Cook our popcorn on the stove
  • Try to keep the TV off on weekdays (sports being the exception)
  • Pray
  • Have meetings
  • Apologize quickly and often
  • Drink water (mostly!)
  • Read daily
  • Do laundry everyday
  • Say,"I love you" often
  • Eat dinner at the table
  • Eat breakfast at the counter
  • Set a timer and speed clean
  • Have a budget
  • Set up goals and rewards
  • Dream about camping
  • Play
  • Build
  • Invent
  • Are grateful
  • Are gentle

This paints kind of a rosy picture...The list could look something like this:

Under Our Roof We....

  • Listen to mom fly off the handle over minor things
  • Pile clothes up in the bathroom instead of putting them in the hamper right away
  • Waste time looking for missing items because we don't put them back where they belong
  • ect..

I choose not to include those kind of observations in my list because I am already very aware of what isn't going well. I am often more aware of the problems than the things I am happy about.  For this exercise, I choose to focus on what is working. Around here we try to improve but we don't focus on the negative intentionally. My mind naturally focuses on what needs to be fixed so it's good for me to force myself to see what is going well. What would your list look like? Focus on what you like about living under your roof.

Thanks for reading.



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