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Lego War: Organizing Kid Collections

Lego War: Organizing Kid Collections


Well hello Toddle Spots Reader! I had to whip this post up for you so fast! An item I love and know you will love is on sale at my most favorite store, Amazon!

-Is Amazon a real place, mommy?

I don't know. I haven't been there, but I believe it is.

-So, like heaven then?

My kids crack me up!

I have been wanting you to know about this thing for quite sometime. With the Christmas shopping season fast approaching and the sale going on now, I must tell you! So, with out further adu let me rip the sheet off.

FullSizeRenderSwoop Bag TA DA!

I bought myself one for Christmas last year because we were adding to our children's Lego collection and I wanted/needed a better way to manage them. As I type this, I have lived for nearly a year with the Swoop Bag, but I question, was I truly living without it? Merely surviving I would guess.

Prior to the Swoop Bag the Legos were in a bin that would eventually get dumped into the middle of the floor. The kids would spread them out and sift through them to find the needed pieces. When they were done playing and it was time to put those Legos back into the bin, Legos would become the bane of our existence for both parent and kid alike. Screaming would insue (Was the screaming parent or child? I will leave that to your imagination.). The life of every Lego piece spread out all over my house would be threatened lest they get back into the bin.

The Swoop Bag is a quality canvas 100% cotton bag with a draw string. It lays out flat and has a lip around the edge. You just plop it in the middle of the floor open it up and the kids get to sift through as though the pieces were dumped out on the floor (Just how they like them!). When it's time to put the Legos away you are now just gathering a few strays because the bulk of the collection is still resting on the bag. Pull the draw string and whala the collection goes away without the big headache. You could then hang it up or do what I do. Put the bag into the bin. My 'bin' is more of a basket and the basket is pretty on my shelf. So there you go, happy mommy. (Except I see that I spelled 'Legos' wrong in pretty chalk pen on my bin. How long has it been this way???? There isn't much hope for my kids. Save yourselves!)

The Swoop Bag IMG_4399is helpful for most any kid collections. train sets, My Little Pony, dress up clothes, blocks, marble run, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Lincoln Logs, Duplo, dinosaurs, action figures, the list goes on and on and on....How many toy collections do your kids have anyway???? Start swooping those things up!

If your neatly tucked away toy bin, organized by collection, is going to get dumped the second it hits the floor, consider a Swoop Bag.

Get it for yourself or as a gift for someone you love. Don't just add to the kid chaos by giving everyone more toys this year, give a small slice of sanity. The bags come in different sizes and colors. I would love to see these in preschools. Give as a teacher gift and imagine clean-up time going so much easier for him/her.


So we have established that the Swoop Bag is awesome, right? You haven't even heard the half of it. They are made by a mom, Sarah Kirk, in Seattle, established in 2012. That's right! Made by a mom right here in the U.S.of A.. You can read all about it at We have never met. She doesn't even know I exist but I am a total admirer. Just look at her solving problems for her family and then finding a way to add value to lives outside her home! The idea was originally her grandmother's in 1978 and she improved upon in perfected it and found a way to get it to my home. Are we best friends yet, Sarah?

So, not only do I think that the Swoop Bag is a superior product, but I love the story behind it. It is a new company and I would love to see it succeed.

I love you Swoop Bag! You are worth every full priced penny I paid! You don't have to pay full price. As I am typing this, it is on SALE! Add sanity to the chaos in your home, someone else's home, your preschool/daycare and support a fellow mom.

Let me know if you end up getting a Swoop Bag. I want to see them succeed in a major way. Share this post with your people! Spread the word. Make life with kids just a little easier.

Well done Swoop Bag! I see you!



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