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Falling but Not Failing

Falling but Not Failing


DCP01082For those of you who don't know, I am a snowboarder chick. I own all my own gear and's a legit status. I still feel as though you need convincing. Look at the picture! Snow. Boarder. Chick. The truth is....Ready for a shock? I am not very athletic. I know my picture may have thrown you. Sports, sports knowledge, physically exerting myself when there is no known danger behind me or worthy reward in front of me, doesn't come naturally. Still my guy and I would go snowboarding together. I would go out in the cold, wet, and slippery snow for half the day and then we would stop for lunch and I would find a cozy reading spot by the fire with a steamy cup in my hand while he went out and did some 'real' snowboarding for the rest of the day.  You may be questioning my status as a true snowboarder chick but I would like to submit this for evidence. I suffered a sports injury while boarding. Boom! I have it on good authority that if you have suffered a legitimate injury while playing a sport, you get to retain your status in said sport indefinitely. It's just a fact. Live in that truth, or as my hubby would say, 'let it simmer.' It's also a fact that I fell in love with my husband while snowboarding. Well sort of. Ok, well you tell me. When we were dating we headed to the snow for the day with some friends. I was killing it on the bunny hill. Didn't fall once. When I made it to my goal of lunch without falling one time, I was quite pleased. Ryan was happy that I was happy but he said something I would never forget. I thought he would notice my near perfection out on the hill, but he didn't. He said, "You didn't fall today because you only did what you already knew how to do. You didn't try anything new, so you didn't learn anything new." His point to me was that while 'not falling' seems like a great goal, if you want to progress, you are going to have to fall. Getting better requires risk and stumble.

While I nestled into my cozy spot by the fire, I reflected on what he said. I knew I was fortunate to have him in my life. He was more impressed by my falling because he knew I was trying to improve, than by my perceived perfection that would never get me off the bunny hill. He was 20 when he taught me this. I married well, ya'll. His growth mindset drew me to him. He wanted me to grow, not be perfect. That's good news because as it turns out perfect is really tough even if you only stick to exactly what you know.

The next time we went to the snow we were engaged and I was falling all over tDCP01086he place. That's how I broke my wrist and ended up in the emergency room; forever sealing my status as a snowboarder chick.

So....what's this all got to do with Toddle Spots. Ummm just everything. Toddlers take big risks when they stand on those wobbly legs for the first time. Falling is part of learning to walk. We wouldn't be impressed if at 2 our little walker had spent a year always holding onto something to walk and never taking that risk and letting go. If they never tried to see what those legs could really do, we wouldn't be proud of their ability to 'not fall'. We would encourage them to walk. Really walk. We would cheer them on, especially when they take big tumbles.

Sometimes we kinda do that. We are scared. We don't want to fall. We want to appear that we have it all together. We stick with what we know. Our legs are kinda wobbly so we don't try something new. Toddle Spots is about the places in life where we are wobbly but we get up and try again. We try something new, we fall, we try again.

Parenthood can be one of those wobbly places in life. Often we try the same things with our kids even when they don't work because that seems easier than trying something unknown and new. We do what we know. We get stuck in a pattern in relating to our kids. Coming soon to Toddle Spots is a practical resource called Parent Access to Things Teachers Know. If you are a parent, a teacher, or you journey with children as a mentor in someway (aunt/uncle, grandparent, neighbor...ect.), you might be interested in this.

Parents are often amazed at how teachers manage so many children at one time in such a limited space. This new resource lifts the veil a little and shows you how the same guiding principles and strategies that teachers use daily to manage people and space can be applied at home. This resource gives you one new strategy to try at a time and because of the compound effect, noticeable changes can be made it a short amount of time.  Join the e-mail list to learn more about this resource as it develops.

The bulk of the content for this free resource will be for those who sign-up to be on the email list only. I want to be encouraging on the blog and only give advisory content to those who give me permission. No parent likes unsolicited advice. Joining the e-mail list is giving me permission to speak to you about the strategies my husband and I have learned from the classroom over the years. (If you don't know, I am a teacher turned stay-at-home mom and my husband is a teacher turned principal.)

Please don't think for a moment Ryan and I have it all together in parenting (There would be no content for this blog if we did!). We sometimes stick to faulty patterns even though they are not working. We are on this wobbly journey with you!  Coming up with the content for this resource has been a great at helping me realize and change problematic patterns that I get in with my children. I have been reminded of strategies that I know, but forget to try (Remember how easy it is to just stick with the patterns we know.).  Please also check out the About Toddle Spots page for more information. I hope you sign-up on the sidebar of this website to start learning alongside us!


Thanks for reading.



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