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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!

Molten Land

Molten Land

Mount Mazama blew X number of years ago (super many, numbers aren't my thing). The ash blew all the way over to the Bend area and covered it by 6ft+ and left behind what we call Crater Lake. The ash was nutrient rich. Slowly but surely a lot of greenery grew on top. In fact, life was much richer on top of that ash than it was on the former high desert terrain.

Then sometime down the road (years on top of years), Lava Butte went.  Not ash but lava, as you may have guessed, flowed out over a section of that ash destroying the life that grew there.

Lava is very different from ash in outcome both are initially harsh and destructive but one allows for new growth and one is just scorched earth with mounds and mounds of jagged rocks.  

It's not to hard to tell where the growth after ash ends and the untouched high desert begins. There's so much life on the ash. It's really not hard to tell when you are in molten land. The kids said molten land was like walking on the moon, if the moon was reddish black.  

We've faced some challenges already this trip. We are only a couple days into a trip that will last weeks and I've wondered if I can enjoy this as much as I hope to. First Tyler, now Riley and Z are down with a bug. Laundry is already out of control, thanks sickness.  I could list all the things that have already gone rogue this trip but no need, that's life.

At this point, when it blows, do we choose ash or lava? I'm lava prone but trying to think ashy thoughts. We can grow from the challenges to be even more capable of rich green life than we were before or we can scorch the ground. I think it's a choice.  Beauty for ashes. 

Today is planned as a travel day. If all goes well by day's end we will be surrounded by family. 

I've held my sweet Riley close all night and he is just now waking with a smile that's been missing since yesterday afternoon. Ash



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