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When 'Like' is Better than 'Love'

When 'Like' is Better than 'Love'


Love. Ryan and I use the 'L' word a lot. We say it when we are coming or going, and ending a phone call or text message. We even have a secret signal to each other that means, 'I love you.' We also have a secret signal that means, 'Let's get the heck out of here.' I love covert opps! Some say that the word can be over used, and that if you use it too much it will just become routine and maybe loose some of it's special meaning. I guess I can see that but I am ok with 'love' being part of our routine.

We figure that should the unthinkable happen, the last thing we expressed was our love for each other. If the word actually can be over used, we over use it, on purpose.

So naturally, when our little guys were born we dropped 'L' bombs all over the place. My boys have heard that word so many times. Ok so maybe Riley has been hearing the word, 'No,' fairly often now but so am I, so we will call that one a wash.

One of Riley's first sentences was, 'I wub you.' He says it a lot now. He knows that's what we always say to each other. I love hearing him say it especially when he says it without prompting.

He has taken it a step further now and when he is having a lot of fun with someone at the playground, he sometimes drops a mini 'L' bomb on them. So cute and sweet, especially at age 2. I may need to help him rein that word in a little in a few years. But for now he can say he loves anyone without creating an awkward situation. He doesn't even mind if they don't say it back.

Lately, Riley has been sorting the things in his world into two categories: the things he wikes (likes) and the things he, and I quote, "can't wike."

I love the implied effort in his 'can't wikes.' It is as if he is saying, "I tried to like it mom, but I am just not able to."

Recently Riley snuggled into my shoulder and squeezed my neck, and with no prompting or reason I could see, he whispered, 'I wike you, mom.'

That would have been a great time for him to ask me for anything he wanted. My heart was melted on the spot. It was even sweeter than his first, 'I wub you.' I was in the same category to him as books, sports, firetrucks, diggers, trains, grapes, and cake.

He came up with it all on his own. Up until then I don't know if I officially told him that I liked him. I figured it was implied with the word, 'love.' I told him right then that I liked him and have told him several times since.

He tells Tyler, Daddy, and I that he likes us all the time. Well, not all the time. Not when I am requiring that he eat green beans or some other such outrageous request. And maybe not when Tyler is 'eating' one of Riley's trains. I think Riley is actually concerned that Tyler is going to digest a train, and not for Tyler's sake.

I don't just love the guys in my house. I like them. I enjoy who they are and feel privileged to be around them. They are in the same category for me as books, almond roca, movie nights, vacations, king crab legs, hot baths, blankets, sleeping, camping, and coffee.

This Valentine's Day I am not just thinking about how much I love the people in my life but I am also remembering how much I like them. They need to hear that too.

Ryan, if you are reading this, notice that almond roca is in italics. That's weird. hmm.... Anyway, I love/like you.

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