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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!

Monopoly Trouble Sharing has become an issue. I used to pride myself on the fact that my little guy seemed to be very generous. Well, we have taken a great fall from that lofty place.

Anything that finds favor with my son, becomes his. Also, if something finds favor with another child, that also becomes his. On playdates and on the playground this is a source of embarrassment for me. I hate to make this about me, but really when your child rolls another child over and lays on him to take a dump truck, it reflects poorly. When the mother of said child starts saying to her son get out from under there, 'there' being my son, my cheeks flush.

Ryan has been instructing Riley on proper social interactions, "We don't roll our friends." Just try to find that gem in a parenting book. I suggest you tuck that little nugget away because your child may one day start rolling other children too.

It came to a point where his selfishness tipped me just slightly to the left of rational. I decided to create my own monopoly and become the dominate toy super power in my home. I proceeded to take every toy he owns and pile it on the kitchen table. He encouraged me with, "Good job cleaning, mommy!"

I waited for my moment. Riley went to his play area and remembered there was nothing there, turned and headed to the table. Just as he went to take a toy, I started in with my prepared speech,

"Bummer, you have no toys! All these toys are mommy's.....and daddy's (Ryan gave a 'don't include me in your crazy' look). Errr I mean, all these toys are mommy's. Wouldn't you like it if I SHARED my toys with you? Which toy would you like me to SHARE?" (I often like to say the key word a little louder, for emphasis.)

He picked a toy. As he began playing with it, I asked for a turn. We took turns. Until I decided not to take turns. He cried.

"Ahh ha! You don't like it when I don't share. It makes you sad. We were having fun playing together until I stopped sharing."

Who's the genius that just beautifully illustrated sharing and not sharing for a 2 year old. That would be me, thank you!

It was then that he turned and ripped the toy that Tyler was playing with from his chubby little fingers. Who's crying now?! Tyler and a little bit mommy.

Mommy needs a bath and a glass of wine.

The toys made it back to his play area. My child is still monopolizing more than his fair share of the fun these days. I am torn between intervening and/or letting the children he is playing with sort it out (without 'rolling' each other, of course). I am not sure how to proceed with the monopoly problem in my home. We need some antitrust laws in here and quick!

I know that 2 year olds are egocentric and part of it is just developmental but I want teach him the joys of generosity. And even if sharing doesn't sound fun, we do it anyway.

We have been playing lots of 'take turns' games lately and I have been offering to share what I have with him. I am hoping something sinks in.

Any good toddler sharing tips out there?

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