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Stuck in a Seat Surrounded by Toys

20121001-174451.jpg There is my son happily playing in his infant brother's bouncer. He got into it all on his own and was quite proud of himself, until.....


he realized that he couldn't get himself back out.

Getting out of the bouncer wasn't on his mind when he happily climbed in. He was just thinking about the fun he could have even if it wasn't meant for him. Well, he found out that being stuck is no fun, even in a seat surrounded by toys.

This got me thinking about they ways I am stuck and the ways I see others getting stuck.

Here are some ways I thought of: Debt Clutter Consumerism Not forgiving Comparing/envy

Getting out seems so hard to do, but that is simply not true.

Riley struggled to get himself into that bouncer but when he wanted out and found he couldn't do it, he squawked and I lifted him out. Getting out was easy. In fact, it was easier.

In my home, I have found that simple is better and clutter complicates it. Everything that comes into the home needs to be cared for in someway. The less stuff I have to care for in my home, the more time I can spend focusing on the people who live here and enjoying it myself.

Here are 3 simple ways to start to handle clutter.

1. Refuse. Stop bringing new things into the home. Yep, stop buying and start using what you have. I think sometimes people like to go shopping for entertainment. Rather than heading to the mall, make home a place you want to be.

2. Deal with paper right away. I don't bring in the mail unless I know that I will be able to take care of it right then. Paper piles are messy and stressful. Consider finding ways to limit junk mail.

3. Purge. It isn't good enough to just stop buying and reorganize. Organization is great for the things you are actually using, but 'clutter' needs to go back out the door. Time to toss or donate. Start simple here, like the medicine cabinet, pantry, fridge, or junk drawer. Work your way up to items of more sentimental significance. Don't continue to feel stuck in a home surrounded by 'toys.'

Don't stay stuck. Start doing something. Find an easy way to start and build up to the tougher stuff.

Are you stuck in someway? Is there a way to fix it that is easier than you thought..

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