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Feelin' the Life

Feelin' the Life

A few summers back, after helping to set up camp and finally getting to sit in her shady lounge chair, ice cold lemonade in hand, my niece declared she was, 'feelin' the life!' That summer was then dubbed the same term. 

Everything that summer was all about 'feelin' the life.' That decidedly meant, relaxation, comfort, fun, delicious flavors, laughter, all the good stuff. We made it our business to seek it out and notice it, feel it. We still say it to this day.  

We were welcomed warmly into the arms of our kin in Idaho where we promptly transferred our tummy bug to them despite being symptom free by the time we arrived. They promptly gave it back to those of us who never had it in the first place. Think the pie scene in Stand by Me. 

We weren't feelin' the life. Except we were. 

When Nevaeh coined that term for our family all those years ago, whether she knew it or not, she was noticing the smooth because of the rough. 

This trip we intend to feel the life in honor of 15 years of marriage. In the scope of our life together, I hope 15 years is a drop in the bucket. I met Ryan when I was 15 years old.

The 90s was a great decade to be a teen, angsty, non-documented by social media. Look away from the over plucked brow. See, contrast.

Enough time has passed on our journey that there have been seasons. We've felt the life. Real life, and I'm grateful. 

We spent the day at a lake in Emmett. On the way we saw the dam that creates that lake. There are buoys that warn boats of the edge. We pointed them out to the kids as we passed by.  

As we were piling out for our lake day, we realized towels were forgotten. Morale was down just then. We thought to go back for them but decided to just go without. Life. 

As we were beginning to carve a space out for ourselves on the beach, one of the children noticed the ropes and floating orbs boardering the swimming area and yelled out, "Dad, I see boobies!"

We sometimes ask our children the wrong questions.

"What?!" Repeats himself even louder.  

Laughter comes back. We feel the life.  

Despite the lack of towels, the kids just can't wait to get back to that 'dam lake' again (named with sincerity and innocence).

I just can't wait to loop back this way again myself. We felt the life. Emmett is sadly in the rear view now. Despite illness, it was a visit jam packed with relaxation and fun. Memorable.

Entering Twin Falls, Idaho for lunch  with our sights set on Salt Lake City. 




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Feelin' the Life



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