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My Hidden Ventriloquism Talent Revealed


An interview with Amie of Toddle Spots by Amie of Toddle Spots Why are we doing this interview?: Because I saw interviews on several other blogs recently and I want this blog to fit in. It's apparently what's done.

Aren't people usually invited by someone else to do an interview?: Yes well, I don't recall getting any interview offers and this method seems more efficient. Can we just get on with it, please?

Of Course. How is it trying to write with a toddler and baby around?: Hmmm.... Good question. It is like when you really have to use the bathroom but someone is taking their sweet time in there. It is hard fought patience. I jot a few notes here and there to get by but when I can finally sit down and get it all out, it's delightful.

Have you noticed that you talk about bathroom matters a lot on your blog? Is there a reason?: Astute observation. Yes, for parents of toddlers, talking about bodily functions, is like talking about the weather for other people. Totally normal. I imagine I am kind of growing up with my children all over again. Around the time I start telling them that bathroom talk is inappropriate, I will learn that lesson again for myself. Right now we encourage some level of bathroom talk; it aids in potty training, or so I tell myself.

Have you had any interesting conversations on the playground lately?: Yes, glad you asked. I recently had a lovely chat with a man who had a daughter slightly younger than Riley and devil horns tattooed on his forehead. We had plenty in common despite our very different taste in fashion. I am willing to admit that without the common bond of parenthood and based solely on outward appearance, our paths weren't likely to cross. And, had our paths crossed in a dark alleyway, we may have had the unfortunate and awkward encounter in which I pepper spray the perfectly nice father of a 2 year old. Parenthood is a great common denominator. Many gaps can be bridged based solely on the commonality we share in our love for our children.

What are your 2 biggest frustrations when it comes to mothering your children?: Glad you asked for 2, as that is exactly the number I am thinking of. I get most frustrated when my children fail to cooperate right when I am trying to do something fun with them. They don't even realize how their choices are holding up the good stuff I have prepared for them. The other thing that really frustrates me, is when they are unkind to one another. I really want them to treat each other well. It hurts me to see them hurt one another.

What is your greatest joy?: It is a great joy getting to know each of my boys. I love their personalities and ideas. Each day I want to learn more about them. When the care of little ones feels long and monotonous or I find myself wishing this time away because it will 'be easier someday,' I try to change my perspective and enjoy this unique time in their lives. It is certainly a unique time in mine!

Thank you for answering these questions. Perhaps, we can do this again sometime?: Of course! Yes, this was fun. Let's do it again! Next time maybe I can interview you.

-Ha, I bet you didn't even see my lips move!

*What you have just witnessed is the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation on the brain. Please don't be alarmed. Thanks to coffee, I am a perfectly safe person.

Any questions?

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