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 The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers know. Now you do. Welcome!

A Little More Minimal Series: Intro

Lately, I have been thinking about the way my family and I live at full capacity. What I mean by that is that our spending budget is at our full means. This may sound like a good thing. We are living the life style that we can afford with a little going into savings each month. A friend described it as growing to the pot you are planted in. Let me tell you why this isn't a good thing for us. Generosity is a struggle. All of our bills and the cost of living is about all we can afford. There isn't much extra. We aren't able to do many of the things we want to do, including volunteer or donate. It is time for us to take a good look at our resources and how we are using them. This goes for our money, things, and time.

This starts the series to be posted here each week, 'A Little More Minimal.' Check back here to follow our journey toward doing more with less. Resource zappers beware!

Upcoming topics include: A Facebook Choice Decluttering Waste Management And much more!


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